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How to cut the curtain? The width of the curtain can be easily adjusted by simply cutting it with scissors. To adjust the height of the string curtain, it must first be hung for at least 24 hours before cutting to the desired length. Cutting the curtains will not make it them frey.

Choose between the following finish for hanging your new string curtains 

Rod:  This is the most common option as you are able to gather the curtains for a fuller look.  Please note with the rod pocket the actual strings drop will be 295cm


Velcro: This is best for hanging the curtains along a wall for display purposes as it will be fixed. Please note with the velcro pocket the actual strings drop will be 290cm


Belt: This is the option to choose if you would like to hang your curtain on tracks so the curtains can be open and closed. Please note with the belt pocket the actual strings drop will be 290cm



This option will also allow you to gather the string curtain for a denser look.


Please note that the pictures are there to show the colours of the strings when grouped together!  and NOT what they appear when they are hung.  These strings have been bunched together for the picture only and below are what the strings look like when hung flat!  

If you are wanting a fuller look like in the images you will need to order twice the actual hanging width in order to get this affect. ie. door size is a standard 95cm width and if you want the fuller look I would recommend you purchase at least the 150cm width.

Keep in mind that you would then be best with the rod hanging option so you are able to gather the string curtains instead of the velcro or belt options. 


Here are some images to help show you what the string curtains look like when hung and we ask you to be careful when choosing your width option so you get the look you want.

This first image shows you what they look like when hung stretched to their full extent i.e. 100cm hung without gathering. This hanging look suits rod - velcro or Belt hanging options.


This images is of a 150cm wide string curtain gathered to the 100cm width on a rod and please note you can only gather on a rod hanging option or belt although rod is preferred.

This image is of a 300cm wide string curtain gathered to the 100cm size to show you a fuller look and it suits the rod hanging option only.



This image will give you an idea as to what the standard string curtains are measured at:

Plain Coloured String Curtains you get approx 5 strings per 1cm

Sequin String Curains you will get approx 3 strings per 1cm

Metallic Strings you will get approx 2 strings per 1cm


Flat Strings you will get 1 flat string per 1 cm


Please choose wisely as their are no refunds on wrong choices sorry!


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