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Please note:  Colours will vary slightly compared to the actual product due to different monitor brightness and contrast settings. Strings are A Grade Quality 100% polyester with colour which will never fade!

PLEASE NOTE: Although our string curtains are processed with fire-retardant agent,therefore safe under usual conditions. Fire-retardant FRC-1 is used (Antiblaze19T made by Mobilchemco, USA) its important to know that this is a US certification and NOT AUSTRALIAN OR NZ CERTIFICATION therefore certification is not available in Australia or NZ at this stage.

Please take care in choosing your colour as we don't refund simply on a wrong colour choice!


Beads are as you see them on the website as we will not source special beads for beaded string curtains.

To achieve best result, when creating shape by cutting, you will simply need to hang your curtain for a day to let the strings settle, then you can cut with a sharp pair or scissors to create your own unique edge shape! 

If you are looking for a full string curtains look please order at least double the width of the area you require in order to bunch up this curtain in order to get this full look.  

Please note: Based on the plain coloured string curtains you will get 5 strings per centimeter.

Due to a small amount of shrinkage depending on your hanging option please note the following;

Rod pocket the strings drop will be 295cm

Velcro pocket the strings drop will be 290cm

Belt pocket the strings drop will be 290cm

We will make custom orders to suit most required measurements including up to 900cm drop.  Our manufacture partner is China based therefore please allow 21-28 days for delivery.


Payment: We accept the following forms of payment: Paypal, Credit Card or for Australian customers if you would prefer to pay via direct deposit simply email us for details along with your order. 


How to Order : If not ordering through the online store please email us your required measurements, colour and hanging option to sales@stringcurtains.com.au where we can then advise you of the payment options and details.

How to wash string curtains? Before washing the string curtains tie it with string in several places along the curtain. Wash curtains in your washing machine on delicate cycle, using a special washing bag. Hang your string curtains to dry in the shade . 

How to cut the curtain? The width of the curtain can be easily adjusted by simply cutting it with scissors. To adjust the height of the string curtain, it must first be hung for at least 24 hours before cutting to the desired length. Cutting the curtains will not make it them frey.

IMPORTANT Shipping Information:  Please use a street address and not a postal address as we use couriers for you string curtains delivery! 


String Curtains - A Modern Solution for an Original Interior Design at the moment, you will find a wide variety of colours and styles of string curtains available for purchase.

The latest tendencies in the designing field point versus very simple, uncluttered and open designs. For accomplishing such a goal, you'll need light, tasteful draperies. The traditional heavy draperies are no longer an option, especially if you choose a minimalist pattern.

You'll need curtains which will filter the light coming from the windows and give you some privacy, simultaneously not affecting the feeling of open space. String draperies are fantastic for this purpose. Being made out of separate strings, they allow the sunshine to pass through, creating a lovely light and glowing effect.

Besides being extremely tasteful, string drapes can also be practical and easy to use. They are available in numerous colors, lengths and styles, allowing you to pick the best one that meets the style you are considering. Light shades are the most famous when considering string draperies, but this doesn't signify you can't choose a darker shade. Not to point out the simple fact that you could also buy metallic string curtains, or string curtains with beads!

There aren't any limitations to the adaptability of this accessory. Feel free to use them not simply as window treatments as they are also functional room dividers - it's easy to transform a big area into two smaller rooms by simply setting up string curtains with holdbacks: if you want some personal space, all you need to do is untie the curtains and there you are! Your room is totally changed. This kind of scenario is ideal if you have a large kitchen and you need a dining-room area, or maybe you have a roomy bed room and you desire a spot for a workplace.

String draperies may be suitable for adorning a wall. As we know, good paintings can be very expensive. Rather than acquiring a low priced painting that can create a bland atmosphere in your home, you could be more inventive and create an original wall decoration with the use of string curtains!

You may use one particular shade (just don't forget to match it with the remaining of the decor) or mix many colours.


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