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A Modern Solution for an Original Interior Design at the moment, you will find a wide variety of colours and styles of string curtains available for purchase.



Aluminum Individual Ball Chain Strings are priced from $6-$10 per string / per meter and are an elegant ultra modern way to brighten up any room.

Ball sizes range from 3.2mm - 4mm - 6mm - 8mm-10mm

Email us for your custom made size requirement quote. Simply provide us with the width and height measurements.


Strings usually range from 100-33 strings per meter depending on the look and density required. 100 strings would have them touching every 1cm, 50 strings = every 2 cm apart or 33 strings placed every 3cm apart.

Your curtains will come supplied with clamps and are bendable tracks for ease of shipping and allows you to  be creative in your hanging. Tracks are included free.  We offer the tracks free due to the difficulty in postage, sadly  we can't guarantee they will arrive in good condition. But they will show you what is required and we suggest you purchase the tracks separately from your own curtain stores being standard curtain tracks although we will supply the chips for hanging.

Track 1 are bendable tracks suitable for circular designs

aluminum ball chain curtain track aluminum ball chain curtain track

 Track 2 are aluminum tracks and the closest the chains can be are 1.5cm on these tracks therefore 66 chain strands are the maximum per meter.











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